Artist Statement


I have always felt that I look at things a bit differently than some people. Maybe it’s an overt awareness of light, shadow, pattern; bits of magic in front of all of us waiting to be seen. I find most of my inspiration while walking in my neighborhood or in nature. Camera in hand, I collect images of cracks in the pavement, spider webs, tree roots, branches, positive and negative spaces, a repeating pattern of windows on the side of a building or cast shadows broken by a disrupted surface. All act as my muse. 

As a mixed-media visual artist, creating abstract works, I enjoy experimenting and “cross-pollinating” other materials and techniques. Mixing media in my work satisfies my desire for depth of layers, texture and translucency. Collage, cut paper and deconstructed screen printing, are some of the methods used in my work. 

My work is process driven but only to the extent of my attention span. I like to be in the moment, trusting my instincts as I work. I prefer quick marks, keeping the work raw for as long as possible. Each mark or scratch gives life to the surface, hiding and revealing the previous layer, creating a dialog of action and reaction.

I enjoy the disorder and mayhem of lines, energy and movement, pushing through the chaos, eventually finding my way through. I strive to keep each piece alive with energy and spirit until it declares its independence and is ready to carry on a new exchange with the viewer.

Making art gives me a sense of purpose and is the most effective conduit to express my creative self.

AMY TILLOTSON, Saint Paul, Minnesota